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Devised Works and Playwrighting

Millennial Turns 30

An Interactive Theatrical Artscape Birthday Party

Today I have one thousand wishes. One thousand dietary restrictions. One thousand participation trophies. One thousand industries I’ve killed. One thousand followers. One thousand interests, anxieties, and unbreakable habits. I am the Millennial.


Patient zero has zero patience...

A woman with her head on backwards is marooned on an island by the patriarchy. Get infected by the insidious intrigues of the “most dangerous woman in America” with Irish fiddle, masks, and feminism.

Fact: 1 in 10 Americans will become a ghost or apparition. Greg Murphy is a cat groomer by day and paranormal investigator by night; Mysteria is his childhood best friend and a direct descendant of Nostradamus. Together they will convince you…



The Salvador Dali Show

Hang on to your Mustache, things just got Surreal.

You're invited to the party of the century, shave the date. A surreal physical comedy experience, laced with the genius of Salvador Dali.


Space and time melt, as you discover that 'what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams' (Dali).

A bizarre and delightful evening that will make you laugh your mustache off.


A Comedy of Mourners

Three clown siblings slip, trip, & fall through the stages of grief.

Death can be scary. So can clowns. But what if they weren't? Clown siblings Victoria Frank, and Mango mourn the loss of their mother by daring to find joy. It's OK to laugh at this funeral, and it's OK to cry at this clown show.


A funeral on a dusty morning. A tumbleweed rolling by. An open saloon. A sheriff and deputy patrolling the main street. A railroad tycoon slipping into town. By high noon there is bound to be a showdown. BANG! 

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