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Turns 30

An Interactive Theatrical Artscape Birthday Party



June 22nd 


4-8 pm

Tickets $13-$13.50, please allow 30-50 minutes to enjoy the event

New Fruit Collective, 82 Parris St, Portland, ME 04101

Today I have one thousand wishes. One thousand dietary restrictions. One thousand participation trophies. One thousand industries I’ve killed. One thousand followers. One thousand interests, anxieties, and unbreakable habits. I am the Millennial.


This isn't your average Dirty 30 party. Crawl through the Pacific Garbage Patch, and peep behind closed doors in a Millennial home. Confront your biological clock and pay homage to childhood obsessions. An intimate look at the artist's life at 30, aided and abetted by her generation. There will be many selfie opportunies- your Insta needs this, lol.


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