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January 01, 2020

Review: Hairspray at Hackmatack Playhouse

"Laura Loy does a neat job as the nasty bit of work Amber Von Tussle, the spoiled daughter of the dance show’s producer Velma. As usual, solid vocals, sharp dancing, and clean performance."

Review: Singin' in the Rain at Hackmatack Playhouse

"Laura Loy’s Kathy Seldon is polished perfect, not a hair out of place. Loy’s acting, vocals and dance performance are impeccable, a study in grace."

Seacoast Online: Serious Clowning Around

"...Today, Loy is Victoria, a clown with Box of Clowns, an Oregon-based company she co-founded. The clowns will arrive in July during the group’s three-month North American tour of ”‘Mom?’ A Comedy of Mourners,”

Seacoast Online: Laura Loy is on a 'Role'

...Laura Loy was “that kid;” the one who pulled all the cousins together at holiday events to “put on a show.”...

Review: Oklahoma! at Hackmatack Playhouse

"Laura Loy is Laurey, a feisty young woman living on a farm with her Aunt Eller. She’s a spitfire who plays a young girl’s game, keeping Curly dangling, though she shares his feelings. She also attracts the unwanted attention of Jud, a rough farm hand.


Loy gives Laurey just the right mix of childlike petulance and naiveté. Her strong performance is topped off with equally apt vocals."

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