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September ArtLife

My birthday kicks off September every year, making it not only the start of the school year and the un-official end of summer, but also my personal new year- the time I look at what my life is, and decide what I want it to look like moving forward. It’s challenging this fall, as I had a whirlwind, super-way-much-fun summer and now I’m back in Portland after being gone for 3 months and don’t have a show to dive into (though I did have a neat mime gig last weekend!). This time last year I was biding my time, waiting to leave on touring adventures in October. Now I’m contemplating what parts of freelancing are and are not working in my life.

Miming last weekend at the Chehalem Arts Center Gala

One thing I keep coming back to is: how can I line up jobs while I’m working? Theatre is very fickle, in that I know I missed out on roles because I was out of town (actually doing THE WORK) and therefore wasn’t considered for roles that would have started when I returned. I must admit that I did turn down one gig because the pay to travel costs/time commitment ratio wasn’t working in my favor, I still feel good about that decision. Maybe I’m hoping for too much in this category. I’m attempting to find freelance work that I have more control over, so I don’t have to go through the anxiety of NOT ENOUGH PAY ever again…or at least, not 3-4 times a year.

Soo anyway, this month is one of preparation- prepping for auditions, teaching, getting back into shape physically and vocally, working on my book, trying to find a venue for Millennial Turns 30 in Portland, getting organized in my non-work life, and doing research and feasibility testing for a new business venture (more about that next month, I think!). After the glamour of a trip to Europe, it feels like a bit of a let-down, but I’m not getting down and out about it, or at least I’m not wallowing. I find I can feel okay about my days if I do at least 1 thing that prepares me to reach my goals. Also, I have soo much Netflix to catch up on after my busy summer!

In closing: If anyone has sage advice on the conundrums of freelance life, or wants to hire me for a great gig, let me know! And October, prepare yourself for big things from this kid.

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