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  • Laura Loy

Artist in Residence: PortFringe

PortFringe was a success! We had three shows and got to test out scads of new material in front of laughing audiences. Check out this sweet review from the Portland Phoenix.

Additionally, I was back in NH several days during the week for rehearsals for Typhoid Mary. The Trial of Typhoid Mary is a musical with original fiddle music by Liz Faiella, and book by Me (Laura). We’ve been collaborating via Skype since March. Now that we’re together, we’re collating all of our material.

I’ve been a little stymied on how to structure the piece, but Liz’s amazing music and feedback is fleshing it all out in my mind. Got to get it all figured out by the end of this week, so I can memorize SO MANY LINES. Glad this show doesn’t have too much in the way of set and props to design/create…

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