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  • Laura Loy

Artist in Residence: Homecoming and Goals

Made it to the farm and the fam! I’m Laura Loy, the first Artist-in-Residence at Autumn Pride Farm for the summer of 2017. I'm a theatre maker who lives in Portland, OR and this summer I’m developing 2 new shows on the farm. Full disclosure- Sarah and Brent, the farm owners, are my parents- I’m using this nepotism to create a residency program for future artists and other farms, as well as my own work.

Summer goals:

- Develop a template for future Artist in Residence at Autumn Pride Farm, hopefully something that other Farms/Artists can utilize in the future.

- Create, produce, and perform 2 brand new shows at Fringe Theatre Festivals

- Update Autumn Pride Farm’s web presence, and teach Sarah how to use it

- A couple of big projects on the farm, TBD

- Discover my next steps as an artist

- Practice juggling and handstands

- Create my artist’s website

- Relax from my hectic city life

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